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If you like playing games, you'll love playing Swiggle, an addictive light strategy game designed for iOS and Android. Swiggle is a refreshing alternative to Words With Friends - we like to say you can play with "friends" but without the "words". Although the game play is similar, there are no letters or words involved, making Swiggle a truly international game that's fun for all ages. In Swiggle, the players place tiles next to each other as they connect the "swiggly" wandering lines and earn points. In addition to playing with friends, you can play against the "Swiggle Bot", the single player mode.

Swiggle is the brainchild of game inventor David Mair, the creator of over 600 games including the hit game Don't Panic. Swiggle was brought to life through a joint venture among David, game industry expert Michael Kohner (of Pop-o-Matic Trouble fame), and Steve Curtin who is the founder of responsive web design and app development company Shore Digital Solutions.

Thank you to family, friends and those who have made significant contributions to bring Swiggle to market.

Thank you to those who have supported Swiggle with contributions to our Indiegogo fund raising campaign.